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Buying Merchandise

Just as you use a shopping cart in a grocery store, you can use your online shopping cart to gather the products you want to purchase while shopping at our website. Our shopping cart is smarter than the one you use at a grocery store as it automatically keeps track of the number of items you've selected and how much those items cost. It also permits you to save your shopping cart for later (this feature is requires that you have an account with us -- which is free and easy to create).

If you look at the top right of your screen you will see the number of items currently in your shopping cart, along with your subtotal.

For a more detailed view of the items in your cart, click "Your Cart" to review its contents. If you've set up an account with us, you may save the items in your cart so you can purchase them later.

You can change the quantities of items in your Shopping Cart by clicking EDIT while in "Your Cart".

If you change item quantities to your shopping cart, click "Edit Item" button to update your count and get a new subtotal.

If you decide you don't want to purchase an item, you can take it out of your shopping cart by clicking "Remove".

After reviewing your shopping cart contents, you may continue to shop or begin the checkout process.

If you are logged in to your account, you may save your shopping cart by clicking "Save This Cart" and we'll save the current contents of your shopping cart so you can continue the checkout process when you return. Please keep in mind that we have finite quantities and that the items you want may be out of stock when you return.

You may log in to your account and click the SAVED CARTS tab to retreive a previously saved cart. Warning: retreiving a cart will clear out your current shopping cart.


After you have selected the items you want to buy, you may begin the checkout process. Checkout is a simple, single-step process in which you:

  • Login to your account or optionally create an account as part of your order
  • Determine the total cost plus applicable delivery charges
  • Confirm the order with billing, payment, and shipping instructions
  • Authorize the charge to your credit card or select payment by Money Order
  • To make changes to your shopping cart, click "View Cart"

If you decide you want to continue shopping and put more items in your shopping cart, just click "WELCOME" (top left of the screen) to continue shopping. You can also find more products by using our search or browse functions.

When your order is as you want it, please click one of the MAKE PURCHASE buttons to complete the purchase.

We accept the American Express Card ships to most of the free world We accept the Discover Card
We accept Visa
We accept MasterCard We accept payment via PayPal